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Frequently Asked Questions

Fees and Insurance:



I do not file insurance and I am not in network for private insurance providers. I cannot determine if or how much you will be reimbursed for mental health services. If you plan to file an insurance claim for my services, please contact your insurance provider before your first visit to verify your mental health benefits as pre-certification or authorization may be required. You will be provided a complete itemized statement that contains all necessary information needed so that you can bill your insurance directly.

Fee for service is due at the time of each session unless specifically arranged otherwise. Clients are asked to maintain a zero balance at all times. 


For more information about legal requirements for insurance coverage for mental health services:



What should I bring to the Initial Appointment?



Please bring or email your completed intake packet and copies of any previous counseling, mental health or relevant medical records (if available). The intake packets are available to download in the Forms section of this website. Please be prepared to pay for your session fee in full during your appointment. I accept cash, check, or credit card.


*If you are bringing a child for treatment whose parents are divorced, you must provide documentation for parental rights to consent for treatment. 

Your intake form is a contractual agreement. Please be sure to read carefully before signing. PLEASE KEEP A COPY FOR YOUR REFERENCE.


A referral can be made to another qualified psychotherapist or counselor if any of my policies are not acceptable to your current circumstances. Please do not hesitate to ask. 



Everything that you say in a psychotherapy session is held in confidence and will be shared with no one without your written permission. There are three (3) exceptions to this confidentiality rule required by Alabama State Law. A report to the appropriate authorities will be made 1) if you share information that a child is being sexually or physically abused, 2) if you present an immediate danger to yourself or someone else, and 3) if you threaten to commit a felony on this property. 


What if I need to change my appointment?



To change or cancel an appointment, I require at least a 48-business hour notice to our office. The rationale for this policy is not punitive, but makes it possible for cancelled appointment times to be offered to other clients and for you to avoid being charged for the time that was reserved for you. Clients who cancel without a 48-hour notice or do not attend their appointment will incur a cancellation/no show fee. 



What are your office hours?

I normally see clients Tuesday -Thursday 8am-5pm.

The last 10 minutes of each session are reserved for handling business matters such as payment, scheduling further appointments and completing receipts.



Who can I contact in an emergency?



If you experience an emergency during or after hours, you should seek immediate help by calling 911, Helpline (539-1000 or 539-3424), the mental health center (533-1970), your primary care physician, or one of the hospital emergency rooms for assistance as needed and then alert me at your earliest convenience.

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